eRez Imaging Server 5.0.16 – Release Notes



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Table of Contents 1

eRez 5.0.16 Changes 2

eRez 5.0.15 Changes 2

eRez 5.0.14 Changes 2

eRez 5.0.10 Changes 3

eRez 5.0.9 Changes 3

eRez 5.0.8 Changes 3

eRez 5.0.7 Changes 3

eRez 5.0.6 Changes 4

eRez 5.0.5 Changes 4

eRez 5.0.4 Changes 4

eRez 5.0.3 Changes 5

eRez 5.0.2 Changes 5

eRez 5.0 known issues and limitations 5

eRez Imaging Server and FSI 5.0 – new features 6

Logistics 6

Scalability and Performance. 7

Installation and Licensing. 7

Imaging and Media Handling. 7

Indexing and Searching. 8

eRez Web Interface. 8

FSI Viewer, Pages and Showcase 5.0. 8

Miscellaneous 9

Discontinued Features 9






eRez 5.0.16 Changes


-      Fixed problem where setting max flat file size would be ignored.


-      Fixed problem where you could not leave SMTP username and password empty.


-      Fixed problem where sub configurators could change main configuration real-time and download templates.


-      Fixed problem with group list if a group with no name was saved.


-      Bundled FSI Viewer version 5.0.4 and fixed  issues with the "Publish to web..." interfaces for FSI.


eRez 5.0.15 Changes


-      Fixed a problem displaying number of files on the Server Status Page when one or more of the shares had "Monitor Files" disabled.


-      Fixed a problem causing the "xmllist" command used by VIA CMS to return an empty list.


-      Fixed issue where the SMTP password was visible in clear text


-      Removed debug information displayed when you saved a share in the management console.asd


eRez 5.0.14 Changes


-      Fixed problem with cache size > 2GB


-      Now reports what asset is involved if possible when operations fails.


-      Fixed problem where the value in of the "Maximum Size of flat images" is interpreted as bytes instead of mega bytes.


-      Detect and prevent certain cross-site scripting (XSS) attempts.



-      Improved handling of CMYK images with no embedded ICC profile.


-      Fixed problem where showcases and pages could not find images in sub-configurations when using encryption.



-      Suppressed Tomcat 6 CACHE-READ error messages when client aborts reading data from the cache.


-      Added missing </script> in head section of Publish as AJAX Viewer



-      Fixed problem where user names with non-ASCII characters would be corrupted in IE.


-      Fixed problem with updating of real-time and download templates.



-      Fixed error where a4-cmyk-jpeg download template generates tiff when creating en new default database at startup.


-      Fixed problem where FSI presets was not saved in a sub configuration if the user had administrator rights.



-      Fixed problem where the download template A5 CMYK EPS was not created in the default database at first start up.


-      Added Danish language support.



-      Fixed problem with encoding of forms in the management console in IE.


-      Lowered the amount of RAM assigned to RAM cache to avoid exhausting memory.


eRez 5.0.10 Changes


-      Bundled FSI Viewer 5.0.3.

eRez 5.0.9 Changes


Fixed a FSI Pages compatibility problem preventing searching in FSI Pages from working correctly

eRez 5.0.8 Changes


-      Fixed problem where deleting a group could make shares where the group was assigned uneditable.


-      Fixed problem where user was asked to save current work before logging out, but the user was already logged out, so changes was not saved.


-      Bundled FSI Viewer 5.0.2.


eRez 5.0.7 Changes


-      Fixed problem where you could not remove a group from a share.


-      Fixed problem with multiple groups with the same name assigned to a share.


-      Fixed problem where deleting a group could delete associated users as well.


-      Fixed a problem with uploads failing when checking for quota limits.


-      Fixed a problem creating a new folder during upload to an ASP configuration.


-      Fixed a problem publishing images as HTML from an ASP configuration.


-      Bundled FSI Viewer 5.0.1.


eRez 5.0.6 Changes


-      Fixed a problem causing the localized text to be missing from the download page. If upgrading an existing installation please check the "Use SVG Template" for the real-time template "Prez".


-      Fixed problem where quota limits were not checked on a sub configuration. Only limits on the share itself were checked.


-      Updated Canto Cumulus templates for backwards compatibility.


-      Fixed problem where you could not add more than one user to a group in Internet Explorer.

eRez 5.0.5 Changes


-      Fixed a problem where deleted files were not deleted from the SQL database.


-      Fixed a problem where the "Use Proxy" checkbox was displayed during publish to web even when there is no CDN connector defined


eRez 5.0.4 Changes


-      Fixed problem where ICC-profile was not set correctly when editing download templates.


eRez 5.0.3 Changes


-      Users with administrative rights will now implicitly be member of all groups. This behavior is now the same as in eRez version 4.


-      Fixed some problems where FSI viewers would not work correctly with configurations and encrypted strings.


eRez 5.0.2 Changes


-      License text in HTML format is now displayed correctly when using “Install Package” from the Management Console.


-      Fixed a problem where groups did not get the correct permissions on imported eRez version 4 shared folders.


-      Added support for entering eRez4 compatible “System Passphrase” from Management Console.


-      Fixed a problem where the default user and admin user accounts were not imported from eRez version 4.


-      Fixed a problem with Custom Cache URLs being incorrectly imported from eRez version 4 settings. Allow previously entered Custom Cache URLs to be cleared.


-      eRez 4 saved collections can now be moved to eRez 5 by copying the folder "erez4/WEB-INF/private/collections" and all its content to "erez/WEB-INF/private/collections"


-      Fixed security issue with "fsi-private" share. eRez 5.0 users: Please make sure to manually disable anonymous edit, delete and upload permissions to the "fsi-private" share after upgrading to 5.0.1.


-      Fixed a problem showing the non-flash (DHTML) folder tree as empty.


-      Shares, Users, Groups, Realtime and Download template lists are now sorted when displayed in the Management Console.


-      Synchronize Color Management is now turned on by default. eRez 5.0 users: Please make sure to turn on “Synchronize Color Management” in the Management Console.


-      The FSI Viewer 4 compatibility skins are now available.


-      Fixed problem where you could not login in to the management console when you renamed the “admin” user.


eRez 5.0 known issues and limitations


-      This is an English language only release.


-      The FSI Viewer 4 compatibility skins are not included.


eRez Imaging Server and FSI 5.0 – new features


This chapter lists some of the major new features included in eRez Imaging Server 5.0 and FSI 5.0.



eRez 5.0 offers several major improvements in the area of logistics.



















Scalability and Performance






Installation and Licensing





Imaging and Media Handling










Indexing and Searching





eRez Web Interface

Major enhancements to the web interface include:








FSI Viewer, Pages and Showcase 5.0


eRez 5.0 comes bundled with the new FSI 5.0 viewers. Major improvements to FSI 5.0 include:





















eRez is now fully compatible with Tomcat 6 which is also bundled with the Windows and Mac installers.


Discontinued Features


Support files for integration with Canto Cumulus Web Publisher Pro is no longer included and maintained. eRez 5 is designed to work transparently with the integration files bundled with eRez 4.