Online Documentation

User documentation

User Online Help
The Online User Manual.

FSI Viewer
FSI Viewer, Showcase and Pages - the Flash Viewer.

Working with Digital Master Images
How to choose the right image file format and prepare images for use by the eRez Imaging Server.

Administrator documentation

eRez Management Console
How to administrate shares, users, rights, licenses, statistics and real-time and download templates from the Management Console

Configuring Plug-ins
How to configure the bundled Plug-Ins: Generic plug-in; PDF Page splitter which requires either Ghostscript or Quartz to render; JPEG Autoconverter.

Advanced Configuration
How to tweak the web interface and other advanced topics.

Working with the Searchable Index and Hot Folders
How to configure and maintain the searchable index.

Release Notes
Important Notes about this version.

Technical Notes
Online Technical Notes.

Developer documentation

HTTP Command Reference
Technical details of the eRez HTTP commands.

eRez SVG Template Guideline
This document contains guidelines on how to use SVG templates; this includes constructions of suitable SVG templates, security handling and administrations of SVG templates.

SOAP Reference
Reference documentation for the SOAP SDK.

Velocity Documentation
Reference documentation for the Velocity Template Engine.

eRez CMS Integration Templates
eRez CMS Integration Templates - Test Page.